A Lightbulb Moment

Having taught consultation for many years to both novices and seasoned professionals, I always wondered why people found it challenging (myself included) to clearly see the tone of a person's skin. One afternoon while driving, it suddenly occurred to me that we were working with an outdated system that divided people into either warm or cool tones. Having worked with an R&D group to develop haircolors, I knew that people actually have 3 possible tones. Based on their melanin, the body's natural pigment that colors our skin and hair, people may be Eumelanin, Mixed melanin, or Pheomelanin dominant. Eumelanin dominance gives the skin a cool tone, Mixed melanin is warm and Pheomelanin is rosy!

The other challenge with clearly seeing skin tone is we include all the surrounding colors whenever we are looking at anything. Those surrounding colors influence each other and alter our perception of the tone. Our eyes will include the color of the salon walls, the haircolor of the guest, their clothing and anything else in our field of vision.  Because of this influence Jolie Color System has patented the use of 3 specifically colored reflective consultation drapes that will improve your color vision, consultation skills, and confidence. By using the Jolie Personal Color Identity Drapes you control your surroundings. The reflective fabrics are specific colors that will flatter one skin tone and clash with the other two. Also the drapes work like a photographer's reflectors to cast different colors of light onto the face. This dual effect creates a strong visual experience allowing you to clearly analyse the dominant tone of each guest. This works for all nationalities. 

When doing a consultation, we use a clear light source and put each drape across the front of the guest under their face. The drapes reflect their different tones onto the skin. One will create a smooth, illuminated effect, the other two will increase shadows and off-tones. With this process, it is very easy to see the dominant skin tone and personalize your recommendation.

With the Jolie Color System kit  you will grow the quantity and quality of your color business. By basing each service on that guest's dominant pigment, hair level, and eye intensity, you can skillfully personalize the formula and design for every individual.